Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iPhone photography

My iPhone 3G has a little point-and-shoot camera. It's not the greatest camera, but it has a few things going for it:

1. Unlike my big camera, I almost always have my iPhone on me. It's super compact.

2. There are all sorts of interesting iPhone apps that allow you to manipulate the images and add special effects.

3. You can share your photos on Facebook while out and about.

Here are a few recent shots.


This is Humboldt Bay as seen during a recent bike ride. I forgot what this filter is called.


Here's the Carson Mansion in Eureka. I'm going through a totally obnoxious over-saturated/over-the-top filter phase.


Here's the pumpkin patch in our backyard.


Last weekend we took our trailer down Highway 1 to Mendocino County. In this shot, I used a filter called "1974." It makes the photos look like old Kodak snapshots from the early 1970s.


I wish I had brought my regular camera (Canon Powershot SX20). There were osprey flying right by us and diving into the ocean for fish. The iPhone sucks when it comes to zooming in.


I don't know why, but I like this "1974" filter.


Our 1965 Aladdin Travel Trailer.


Our happy home.


Humboldt Bay yesterday morning as the fog began burning off.


Camel Rock yesterday afternoon. Over saturated, as usual.


Trinidad Head. (This filter makes your photos look like Polaroids.)

So my regular camera is much nicer, but it's also bulkier, which means I don't want to carry it around all the time. So I'll continue using the iPhone, despite its drawbacks.

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