Monday, December 28, 2009

Honeymoon Part V – Amalfi

After our adventures in Naples, it was time to head over the mountain to the coastal town of Amalfi. We caught a train to Casalmare. Then we jumped on a bus with a bunch of teenagers and weaved our way up a narrow, twisty mountain road.


All the way up and over the mountain there were little towns like this one. The kids were singing and laughing a good portion of the way. As we got near the top, more and more kids jumped off.


By the time we descended to the coast, we were the only ones on the bus.


When we reached Amalfi, we weren't disappointed.


We wandered up narrow streets and found a restaurant.


I was looking forward to eating some stinky little fish, so I ordered "local fish" with smoked mozzarella baked with lemon leaves. The "local fish" were anchovies, but not the kind we think of. These were fresh and delicious – not those nasty ones that we get with our pizzas. Kim ordered a fancy fish dish.


Kim looked up from our patio seating and took this shot. If I had known this lady was watching, I would have sat up straight and tried not to slouch.


After our Thanksgiving Day meal, we checked into that multi-story hotel on the right! We were in Amalfi during the "off season."The hotel was nearly empty. It reminded me of an Italian version of The Shining.


We were the only ones interested in the bar, where I enjoyed a martini, or two.


There was a beautiful sunset with a dramatic sky. I kept imagining knights on tiny sailing ships invading the town.


We practically had the dining room to ourselves for breakfast.


We decided to relax in Amalfi. Here we are on the hotel's main balcony.


I daydreamed about buying this boat and using it to tour the Amalfi Coast during the summer.

We slowly wandered around and checked out the shops.


Here's Kim at the Duomo. St. Andrew's bones are kept in this church. Sometimes they pull them out and show them off. That's weird, but kind of cool.


Amalfi is known for its tiles. We saw some really neat stuff.


This guy makes paper.


If you want fish, you go to the fish shop.


What the hell?


Back to the Duomo.


I like how some of the buildings are constructed into the cliff.


This was the view from our hotel room. We were very happy sitting on the balcony with a bottle of wine.


We spent two nights in this town. We were relaxed, rested and stuffed with good food. We agreed that it was time to get our butts in Sicily!


Blogger "Bob" said...

I think your last shot is of Atrani, the little town (just north of Amalfi) where we stayed when he went to the Amalfi Coast a few years back.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Jack and Jill Cards said...

That shot was taken from Amalfi pointing south. At the time, I assumed it was the same town. Later, it appeared as if the towns' names changed around each bend!

10:13 PM  
Blogger Jack and Jill Cards said...

You are correct. That town is north of Amalfi, even though you come across it as you take the road down the boot heading south. A close examination of a map shows that there's a cove there, hence the confusion with north and south. If someone hadn't told me, I would thought it was Amalfi, being that it's right next door and they nearly blend into each other.

8:18 AM  

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