Saturday, December 12, 2009

Honeymoon Part II – Pantheon and more

We initially planned to only spend two days in Rome at the start of our three-week honeymoon, but decided to stay a third day to see more sights. However, our hotel room was already booked, so we had to move to a different hotel across town.


We looked out our hotel window and admired this statue in front of the Italian Bureau of Statistics, which had an armed guard posted at the entrance. I suspect he has to guard the building just in case a group of Italian nerds try to heist statistics.


We quickly mastered Rome's Metro system and caught a train to the Vatican. Kim bought a super shiny red leather purse!


We entered the Vatican.


Here's St. Peter's Basilica. This is where the shit goes down! There was a line to get inside and the Sistine Chapel was closed, so we decided to visit other sights and vowed to return to the Vatican near the end of the trip.


We went back to Rome and walked until we got to Trevi Fountain.


The fountain is interesting, to say the least.


We ate gelato and did a little shopping.


Kim took this photo of one of the street musicians. I think he was pissed off because another musician was playing at his corner.


Next up was the Pantheon, built in 126 AD. It was originally a temple for all the Gods.


Here's the massive dome. There's a hole in the middle and a drain on the floor below.


Do the ghosts of the Roman rulers of yesteryear frequent the Pantheon?


The columns are massive.


Here's the fountain outside the Pantheon, just a few feet away from a McDonalds.

Next: We head to the coast.


Anonymous Gina said...

Omg ... Beautiful! Your pictures gave me goosebumps! Really!

11:33 AM  
Blogger OrangeElmo said...

Love those mer-horses at the Trevi. Great pictures!

11:56 AM  

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