Thursday, April 21, 2011

Experimental movie

There's a neat little iPhone app that allows one to make stop motion movies. So this is my little experimental movie. It's a simple love story – not exactly on par with "Out of Africa." Yeah, yeah, there are all sorts of lighting problems. And, yes, maybe it's cheesy that the characters visited Aphrodite's temple before finding each other. This is just an experiment. The next one will be a masterpiece.

National Bring Your 1960 Ranchero To Work Day

My poor, rusty, neglected 1960 Ford Ranchero had a rough winter as it sat soaking up the rain and salty air. So today I fired it up and took it to work. It just needed to get on the road. (Video shot and mostly processed on iPhone 3G.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Camping video

Oh, poor blog. I've neglected you for the past year, despite having lots photos of fun and adventure. There have been camping trips, a visit to Hollywood, Gold Country and even New Orleans. There have been bicycle rides, and hikes and all sorts of bloggable events.

Maybe I'll catch up and resurrect this blog.

Meanwhile, here's a little video of our weekend camping trip:

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