Saturday, June 28, 2008

God wants me to have $19,230,000

The Big Guy wants me to be rich! Seriously. I have an email to prove it. See below:

From: Mrs. Amorie Santos

I am Mrs. Amorie Santos from Angola. I married to Dr. Filgueiras Santos
who was one of the Diamond directors for seven years before he died on
October 2006. In the first place, I know that you will be surprise on
how I get your contact but bear it in mind that contacting you is not
by my power, rather a divine direction from God. My purpose of
contacting you is that, God who knows the heart of human beings than we do has
choose you to be a helping hand to the lives of helpless once in your
country. Ask me how? God has chosen to handle an investment of Nineteen
million two hundred and thirty-two thousand American dollars ($US19,
232,000.00). I know that this word will come out from your mouth Oh my
God, is this JOKE or what my dear, is not a JOKE. Remember the word of God
in Psalm 37:5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will
act God has come to act in your life and entire family. As a human being,
I know that you will ask yourself how
somebody who has not seen you will trust you with this huge amount of
funds. My dear, I am not the one trusting you with this money rather
God who created heaven and earth, who knows your thinking at this moment
as your reading this message, who knows that you have no power in
betraying his trust in you. I am just a messenger and have done what God has
directed me to do by giving you information of this work he has chosen
you to do for his obediently children suffering financially at their
respective homes in your country. Nothing will make me in applying fears
in you. Praise is to the holy name of God, Amen.

Again, this work does not count on your religion. We serve one God and
our God does not count your religion rather your obedience to his
commandments. I decided to donate these funds to God for the benefit of
widows, orphanage homes and disable organizations since I have no one to
inherit these funds. I am childless. I supposed to use my hand to handle
this work but my health position will not grant me the opportunity to
do so. My physician has told me that I would not last for the next six
months due to cancer problem and the one that disturbs me most is stroke
sickness. I have giving everything in the hand of God. If it is his
wish for me to die today, there is no problem but I have the faith that
his word will surely be fulfilled because he has made us to understand
in the Holy Scripture that with faith, we shall sub due every situation
in our lives.

My dear, I want you to make an agreement with God in this service he
has chosen you to render to his children, he will surely reward you
abundantly. I wait for your immediate reply as you finish reading this mail
so that I will confirm your acceptance to work for God, to enable me
introduce you to the security company where my husband deposited trunk
box containing this funds so that they will recognize you and have a
direct communication with you for the release/shipment of this trunk box to
your hand.

God bless you.
Mrs. Amorie Santos


Blogger Rose said...

ME TOO! It must be kateascot wishing us all well.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

Here's a funny YouTube video about this same thing...

Then there's this...WARNING! HILARIOUS! THIS'LL CHEER YOU UP - BUT!!!!! REALLY - DO NOT TRY TO READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE AT LEAST A HALF AN HOUR It's about the Nigerian scam/spam artists who say they just need a little help moving their millions, and if you help them they will give you a million bucks (or $19,230,000 and .34 cents) :)
The description from a blogger

follow the link to the real thing

8:24 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

OH MAN! The real thing has been replaced by a site warning you not to respond to the spammer - something this nice British lady had done and led him on and on and on and on and on... I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere else....

8:30 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

Here it is...
Patricia & Patrick - the great 419 penis caper

8:51 PM  

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