Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Cannondale is back!

The Cannondale is back, baby! My vintage ride, circa 1985, now has a new rear wheel, freewheel, tire and tube. There’s even a spanking-new rear rim strap, which is that over-sized, flat rubber band that separates the tube from the rim. I was going to just use electrical tape, but I’m a big-time newspaper publisher, so why not splurge and spend the extra $1.50?

So I went for a ride Tuesday evening.


I went north. Here's the bike on Clam Beach Drive.


Was it going to rain? There was a hole in the clouds. Check out the bright spot in the ocean.


There were lots of flowers, none of which I can identify.


Here's a rusty chain.


This pretty banks dory was for sale near Trinidad Head.


You can see that it has a motor well and a spot for a centerboard, so you can sail it or motor it.


Contact Terry Huff if you want to buy it. He probably spent more building it than $1,500.


Trinidad Pier


Just boats


There's an ordinance in Trinidad that requires you to slam on your brakes in the most reckless manner possible and park in the middle of the street when you come to the Memorial Lighthouse. Then you have to pull out your camera and photograph it from every possible angle.


A tasty meal of rotting flesh awaited this guy near Baker Beach. You could smell it from the road.


When I got home, I had one of these bad boys waiting for me in the fridge. I was going to post these photos last night, but between the beer, sweet potato wedges, and watching "Recount" on HBO, I didn't have time.


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