Saturday, May 17, 2008

New wheel coming...

I was going to write a detailed report about my Tour of the Unknown Coast adventure that took place a week ago today, and eventually I may do so. But it’s kind of hard to garner enthusiasm for an aborted ride.

Even though I dropped out due to a mechanical failure, there’s a sense of failure about the day due to the fact that I wasn’t able to make the repairs. I also suspect that I was personally responsible for breaking the spoke during a reckless Johnny Knoxville-style stunt a week before.

On the flip side, the broken wheel was a good excuse for an upgrade. I could have had the wheel repaired, but then I would have been left with an older wheel with an old-style freewheel that requires a clumsy, heavy set of expensive tools to repair. Factoring in the cost of purchasing tools, it made more sense to get a new wheel, freewheel, tool and extra spokes – all of which should allow me to fix broken spokes in the future.

Adventure’s Edge should have it all ready for me this week, after which I will start plotting another century ride. There are several options, which I’ll write about later.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying my mountain bike, pictured above on Thursday at Elk Head during one of the hottest Humboldt County rides that I can recall. It was nearly 100 degrees!


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