Sunday, June 07, 2009

Introducing the Kona Dew

Last Tuesday afternoon my cell phone rang. Thinking it was a call from The Goddess, I immediately picked it up and said “Hey good looking!”

Then I heard a stranger’s voice. She said she was from the North Coast Co-op and started asking me questions to make sure she had the right number.

The momentary awkwardness quickly faded when it became clear she was informing me that I had won something in a free drawing I entered many weeks ago.


My prize is a spanking-new Kona Dew commuter bike, pictured here at an undisclosed location. The bicycle came complete with fenders, a rack and a bicycle bell. Pretty sweet!

The free drawing was part of Bicycle Month in May.

I’ll put it to good use and log many miles on the Dew. Thank you, North Coast Co-op.


Blogger "Bob" said...

I always knew you were a winner. Congrats!!!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous e. said...


8:39 AM  
Anonymous Marshall Mellows said...

Anyone want to see what , Eureka's former Acting Mayor ( Jerry Droz ) is up to
nowadays ?

Go to ; IMDb ( search ) & put , Jerry Droz in cast/crew

1:50 PM  

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