Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Search of Bigfeet

After work on Friday we headed into the wilderness of eastern Humboldt County in search of Bigfeet. On the way there, we caught glimpses of Sasquatches, but never got a clear view.


We were clearly smack dab in the middle of Bigfoot country.


We arrived at our campsite on the East Fork of Willow Creek and cooked over the fire. Then we had cocktails, played rummy and kept an eye out for Bigfeet.


Our campsite had its own private swimming hole, so on Saturday we planted our lawnchairs there and waited for the beast.


Bigfeets are sneaky, so I watched the water just to make sure one didn't try to swim by.

We were running low on fundamental supplies, such as crushed ice and surgary snacks, so we headed to downtown Willow Creek.


We visited the Bigfoot Museum and conducted some research. The museum includes all sorts of fascinating information and exhibits.


Check out the Bigfoot cake pan.


We came across a giant footprint, a sure sign that Bigfeets were nearby.


OH MY GOD! Suddenly we were standing right next to Bigfoot. I held its hand.

With our mission accomplished, we headed back to camp and made another meal over the fire.


On Sunday morning, I fired up my trusty, little campstove to make coffee.

We returned to the fog and the process of putting out a paper resumed.


Blogger Tim said...

You really want to track down bigfoot get ahold of local surveyor Ed Schillinger. He was in that logging party in the 50's where they found the tracks and also was recently on the discovery channel showing them around willow creek.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

Is Ed a McK resident??

1:28 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

No, he's from Eureka. We had a guy working for us that claims his uncle was one of the guys that faked bigfoot tracks. He was a logger and worked all over the Pacific Northwest. Incidentally, there were tracks found wherever this guy was logging. I accused Ed of being "in on it" and he told me that it "would be proprietary information if I was, wouldn't it?" and walked off (we were on a job together).

6:35 PM  

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