Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miami Vice

I like to think that I have good tastes when it comes to movies, but that was recently called into question after I gave Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice” an enthusiastic thumbs up and told everyone to watch it.

It turns out that my family and friends unanimously agree that “Miami Vice” sucks. They say it’s a stupid, unrealistic, over-melodramatic waste of time.

That’s weird, because I’ve watched it four times since it came out and rank it right up there with my favorite movies of all time, which include titles like “High Noon,” “Casablanca,” “Remains of the Day,” “Goodfellas,” and the Godfather series.

Well, maybe “Miami Vice” isn’t in the same league as those flicks, but it’s a favorite. Admittedly, it has a razor-thin plot and resembles some sort of fantasy world that might be concocted by a 14-year-old boy – fast cars, fast boats, guns and gratuitous sex.

I think it’s a beautiful ride – a montage of pretty pictures all strung together with a rockin’ soundtrack. I’m not sure who you give the credit to – Michael Mann or some cinematographer – but the shots are masterfully framed. They’re downright gorgeous, oozing with romance, adventure and danger. They more than make up for the weak plot.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have Gong Li in a film. The truth be told, I'd be happy watching her read from the phone book for two hours.

(Photo source: The big, bad world of the internet.)

So, yeah, I like “Miami Vice.” Wannna make something out of it?


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