Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Project is over

I spent a good portion of yesterday digging holes for fence posts, carrying materials around and mixing cement. So by the time the evening rolled around and it was time for a special meeting of the MCSD Board of Directors, I was pretty darn tired. But, hey, how long can a workshop last? My bet was two hours. I arrived a little before 7 p.m. in good spirits. Then, more than four hours later...


... I took this photo. I got home and still had work to do. I didn't get done until shortly after midnight. Then I had to unwind.

So this morning I slept in, which put a crimp in my plans to participate in this photo project. Plus, I still had a lot of construction work to do, as well as newspaper work. So I squeezed a few photos in here and there. I fell short of the goal of one photo per hour.

Next time I would do it differently. Still, it's all good fun.

Check out 12 Hours In Photos.


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