Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bicycle experiment. Numbers for 9.13.07

Date: 9.13.07

Trip: From house to Airport Business Park. Circle loop (approx. .57 mile) approx. 18 times (a little over 10 miles). Return home.

Trip Time (bicycle in motion only): 46:23

Trip distance: 13.67 miles

Average speed: 17.6 mph

Maximum speed: 25.7 mph

Calories burned: 787

Weather: Overcast, slight headwind. Gray, dramatic sky.

Mood: Giddy

Notes: This is in addition to commuter miles. I forgot to turn my computer on until a few blocks from my house. Speed includes trip along Hammond Trail, which includes stops and starts. Airport loop is about .57 of a mile. I have no idea how the computer calculates calories burned, so take that for what it’s worth.

These numbers won’t mean anything for a few months.


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