Friday, September 07, 2007

The big brouhaha

It's extremely unlikely that I'll ever be a billionaire. Or a millionaire. If I hadn't purchased a house before the prices went through the roof, I'd be struggling just to be a hundredaire.

That said, if I was a billionaire, there are lots of things I would do, but there are some things I wouldn't do.

Sure, I might over indulge in top-shelf liquor, but I wouldn't waste my time attending a Coastal Commission reception and berating a lowly councilman. That doesn't sound fun or interesting to me.

Maybe Arkley is a better person than me in that he takes an interest in local affairs even though he doesn't have to. All I can say is that if I had that much money, any "scandalous" articles about me in local papers would involve large numbers of scantily clad Victoria's Secret models and pictures of me in a smoking jacket and flip flops.

As they say: Different strokes for different folks. Maybe the buffet at the Avalon is better than I imagine.


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