Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Afternoon ride to Trinidad

Due to some social events last week, I was more of a glutton than usual. So today I took a ride to Trinidad to burn some calories and enjoy the sunshine before winter arrives.

Hammond stump

This is my mountain bike in a big stump along the Hammond Trail. A road bike is the best choice for the ride to Trinidad, but mine is in pieces right now. Although those fat tires slow you down, they're fun.


Wow man! Check out the colors at the Vista Point. Far out.

Little River

I crossed the Little River.

Camel Rock

There were no surfers at Camel Rock, which was surprising.

Looking south

Here's the view looking south toward Little River State Beach and Clam Beach. The view reminded me that I need to go clamming next time there's a low tide. Now I had clams on my mind. So when I got to Trinidad I had a bowl of clam chowder at Kahish's Catch Cafe. Delicious.

murdered by capitalism

After the chowder, I decided to visit the cemetary. I had read about Mr. Schnaubelt's headstone, but never saw it before. Here it is.

murdered by capitalism closeup

grave top

Someone left these items on the top of the headstone. That's a little human skull, painted red.

And that was that.


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