Thursday, July 05, 2007

This and that

Hammond Bridge graffiti

The art exhibit under the Hammond Bridge changes week to week. This week the display is much more colorful than before. But what does it say behind my bike? I can't figure it out.

Hammond Bridge underbelly

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to take a gazillion photos of the Hammond and Mad River bridges. I'll be posting most of them at McKinleyville Landscapes II.

Why is there a McKinleyville Landscapes II in addition to McKinleyville Landscapes?

Because Flickr has a memory limit unless you want to pay. Being that I'm cheap, I created a second account and a second page once I reached my limit on the first account.

Keep in mind that the photos on these pages are intended to simply document the landscape for historical purposes. Most of the photos are simple snap shots of fields, streets and buildings. Nothing fancy, unless you consider a photo of the bathrooms at Clam Beach high art.

Clam Beach, south lot bathrooms


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