Thursday, September 23, 2010

Introducing the Bianchi Eros

A couple months ago my friend Irv gave me his Bianchi Eros. It's hands down the fanciest bike I've ever owned.


I put it on my bicycle repair stand, cleaned it up, made some minor modifications and adjustments.


I installed these old school toe clips, which I like.


Being that I'm married to an Italian, it makes sense to finally own an Italian bicycle. Eros, by the way, is the Greek god of sexual love and beauty. Right on!


Lots of Campy parts!


I've ridden the bike a lot, mostly up and down the Samoa Peninsula and in the Arcata Bottom.


This shot was taken during yesterday's ride. As you can see, the terrain is nice and flat.


Here's the bike next to a new Duane Flatmo mural underway in Arcata.


Lots of egrets were out and about.


A view of the dunes.


Today I went to the Mad River. Here's the Hammond Bridge.


The Mad River.


A beautiful ride home. Thanks Irv! I'm putting this bike to good use.

Now that I have a high performance Eros, I'm planning on installing handlebars like these on my Navarro Randonee.


Blogger Rose said...

You're back in the groove!

3:49 PM  
Blogger misti said...

I miss the beauty of McKinleyville. You take really nice pics that show just how I remember her to be. Used to live at the end of Whitmier going to HSU and still own a house on School Rd. What's up with the widening and the round-about? I never heard anything from the County, yet it is right next to my property. Heck for all I know they might be exercising condemnation and I have not heard a thing.

11:55 PM  

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