Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some scenes from summer camping

In May we traveled to Sonora for the funeral of my grandmother, Doris McCormick. While there was obviously sadness, it was also a celebration of her life. I got to see lots of family members who I hadn't seen in a long time, and I got to show off my wife!

On our way to Sonora, we camped at Lake Mendocino. Here's our 1965 Alladin at the campsite.


Here's Hula, contemplating the trailer's tongue weight, the vehicle's horsepower and gearing ratios.


Kim and I both love reading maps and looking at places that we can explore.


My brother Matt grabbed my camera and took this shot at my grandmother's grave.


This was my grandmother's house in Sonora. It's where my mother grew up. I have my great-grandfather's tool chest, which probably played a part in the construction of this house.


Here's the house in Jamestown where my father grew up. We spent many weekends and summers here when I was a kid.


Right next to the house is a building that once housed Durham's Quality Beverages, which was my grandfather's business. They bottled Acme beer and soda pop.


Jamestown has lots of neat antique stores.


Nearby there's a train museum.


Remember the trains in High Noon? Part of the movie was shot here. The rest was shot in nearby Columbia.


You may not remember this, but you've seen it on TV.


I'd like to go back in time and work here.


Here's a miner's cabin in Columbia, where they blasted the soil away in search of gold.


Here's a photo of our kitty Rocket. It's completely out of context for this blog post, other than the fact that he's been part of our summer fun.


On a different trip we stayed at Ruth Lake.


I spent a considerable amount of time in my camping chair reading.


There are logical and scientific reasons for chemtrails, but those are no fun. I prefer the theory that they're part of a vast government conspiracy to control us and the weather.


On the Fourth of July weekend we camped near the Eel River in Southern Humboldt. Here's our cozy canned ham at night. We usually camp without any hookups, but not this time.


Hula loves his rocks.


A couple weeks ago we camped on the East Fork of Willow Creek. Here's the creek, which is a few yards from the campsite.


It's beautiful.


Here's a different creek up the road.

More camping adventures to come. Stay tuned...


Anonymous Andrew Bird said...

I grew up in Modesto and know Sonora, Columbia, Jamestown and various other parts of Tuolumne County. When I moved to Humboldt in 2003 I came from Calaveras County (across the Stanislaus River from Tuolumne County) where I was for a time editor of the twice-weekly Calaveras Enterprise. I've always liked the Mother Lode and often miss it.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Bill Danielson said...

Cool photos, Jack!

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Hindu Marriages said...

Good post.

8:17 PM  

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