Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tour de Arcata

Oh Humboldt! So sunny you were today, teasing us with spring-like weather, tempting us to foolishly plant vegetable gardens, and luring us outside for lazy, rambling bike rides.


The landlord trimmed the dead nasturtiums that greet visitors to my groovy love pad, where my trusty steed awaited me.


My lily white, pale feet felt good in Teva sandals, which are currently my bicycle shoes of choice.


I made my way across the Arcata Bottoms to the Hammond Bridge. A short distance before the bridge, I saw a dazed and confused looking fox meandering down the road, probably mad with rabies. I kicked the bike into high gear and got around the beast quickly. Seeing a fox during the day is almost always bad news,

After the bridge I turned around, made my way to Valley West, cruised by the flake board factory then went to Humboldt State.


I imagine that inside this building they're working on the first generation of cyborgs.


I suddenly had a craving for some second-hand smoke, so I jetted on down to the Arcata Plaza. William McKinley held out his hand and admired my bike. Then he whispered to me that he felt uncomfortable with so many anarchists around.

I tried to put him at ease, explaining that most Americans – for better or worse – are anarchists at heart and wish him no harm.

I then cruised up G Street to Sunset and made my way home.


Blogger Indie said...

Wait, you were at HSU today? I am going to have to start giving a closer look to the bicyclists.

You are so undaunted by hills! Either you do indeed have one very trusty steed, or those pale white legs are pretty darn strong.

I get tired just trudging around that campus all day. I want one of those motorized scooters that D.C. commuters use. LOL!

Anyway, I'm glad you avoided the possibly rabid fox.

12:58 AM  
Blogger Indie said...

Oh Humboldt!

I just came back here to see if anyone else commented, and I just "got" that reference. You're so funny.

12:28 PM  

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