Sunday, December 30, 2007

Review of 2007 "Resolutions"

Before I write about resolutions for 2008, I need to review my resolutions for 2007. I wrote about them in my Jan. 5, 2007, blog entry and was careful to call them “goals” rather than resolutions. I’m not sure why, but here they are along with the results:

2007 GOAL: Continue to use a bicycle instead of a car as much as possible. This involves learning to adapt to adverse weather conditions.

STATUS: Failed.

DETAIL: The key words here are “as much as possible.” I could have used my bike much more than I did.

2007 GOAL: Continue to hone my rusty bicycle mechanic skills to the point where I can take a bicycle almost completely apart, put it back together again and have it properly adjusted and in good working order – all within a short period of time.

STATUS: Partially accomplished.

DETAIL: I completely rebuilt two bicycles and did major surgery on several others. I’m still a little slow doing so, but I could be worse. Some of the complications come from the fact that I’m working on 20 year old bikes and trying to swap parts off other bikes to fix them.

The Wall
(The Wall at the TUC.)

2007 GOAL: Ride at least 100 miles in one day.

STATUS: Accomplished

DETAIL: I completed the Tour of the Unknown Coast in May. Although not 100 miles, I consider my ride to Willow Creek and back during my pre-TUC training to be a nearly equal accomplishment, even though it was short of 100 miles.

2007 GOAL: Take more landscape photos and nature-related photos on my bike trips. These are photos taken for no other purpose than my personal enjoyment.

STATUS: Accomplished

DETAIL: This goal is the equivalent of vowing to each more French fries drenched in catsup.

Come next... 2008 resolutions!


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