Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Virtual Shopping Part I

In a recent comment on my blog, Bob the Humblogger asked if the term “e-bike” means “virtual bike.” That gave me an idea: I should go shopping for a virtual bike.

But why limit myself to a bike? I might as well go on a virtual spending spree with my virtual savings account. So here it goes.

The first item on my list is a “new” car. My Corolla is sensible, but it lacks sex appeal. On the internet I found a fully restored 1965 Aston Martin DB5. The asking price is $420,000. The car is nearly indentical to James Bond’s, below, in “Goldfinger.”

The only problem is that I’d have to pick the car up in England. Fortunately, I found his “ro-ro” ship for sale in Paraguay. It’s 275.5 feet long and can carry 220 to 300 cars. Built in Germany in 1970, the ship is a steal at $1.6 million.

It will be chilly crossing the Atlantic, so I’ll need a warm hat. The one below is $199 at Cabela’s. It’s very stylish and would also keep my head warm when I visit the Arcata Co-op to stock up on jasmine rice and jalapeno jelly. (I wonder if this model ever poses for Calvin Klein?)

I may want to leave the ship and visit some ports, so I’ll need some sort of aircraft. Given my lack of flight skills, I’ll play it “safe” and get a Sundog Powerchute. It seats two and cost about $25,000. Take offs and landings will be a little dicey, but it should work.

For shipboard entertainment, I’ll hire Shakira. I’ll pay her extra if she agrees to only sing in Spanish. She'll be of great assistance in improving my Spanish skills.

After I grow tired of Shakira, I’ll want to kick back and watch some TV. For $199, I can get the newly released “Get Smart” DVDs. The set includes every episode!

After all this, I still have a virtual balance in my virtual bank account. I also have all sorts of other items on my virtual list, including some virtual vacations, virtual homes and virtual toys. More to come...


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