Wednesday, May 24, 2006


(SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Sopranos, stop reading this blog right now. Capish?)

Sopranos is by far the best show on television, bar none.

Of course, some episodes are better than others. I’ve lost interest during some of the extended dream sequences, and I was irritated by an episode last season that involved a marathon bitch-fest between Tony and Carmela. It was just plain unpleasant. As Tony often says “Enuff already!”

But all is forgiven after watching a great episode like the one this week.

It was densely layered like a big, thick cheese and mushroom lasagna. There’s so much going on.

There’s comedy and tragedy, poignant moments and belly laughs, beauty and butchery. And lots of psychological stuff.

I have a prediction – Carmela is going to become either the family boss or, at the very least, she will co-manage the operation with Tony.

But before this can happen, Carmela needs to change. The gross reality of the Mafia business conflicts with her value system.

Sure, she’s a hypocrite. She knows where her money comes from and she doesn’t plan to give it up. But when it comes to the reality of the business – such as the killing of close friends – she’s in denial.

Carmela is different than Tony. Tony has his issues, but one thing that is NOT an issue for Tony is the fact that he is destined to be a Mafia boss. That’s his fate.

Tony appreciates the history that has brought him to his current state of being.

But Carmela has a different family background – a different history.

Enter the trip to France. Carmela has an awakening. She’s developing an appreciation for history – the monuments, plaques, etc. But it’s more than just the “History Channel” type of history. She’s coming to grips with herself and the fact that she’s in “the business.”

But it will take more than this revelation to push her to the forefront.

In future episodes, events will unfold that force Carmela to take a more active roll.

That’s where Phil comes in. As he said in this episode, Johnny Sacks is the boss in name only.

Phil killed “Gay Vito,” a made man. Sil and another character “accidently” killed a made man, who I assume was part of Phil’s crew.

It’s only a matter of time before war breaks out between the New York and Jersey families.

In such a war, it’s anybody’s guess who will get killed. Plus, there’s a rat in the Soprano crew. And then there’s Christopher, who is back on the smack. And there’s the ever-looming threat of the feds. Who is snitching? What do they know? Is Chris really attending AA meetings?

When the blood starts to flow, Carmela may have to rise to the occasion and take a leadership role. She’s certainly nasty enough and smart enough. I also think she’s evolved to the point where she won’t have any moral qualms about doing so.


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