Friday, May 12, 2006

The Big Stink

Hopefully we’re coming to the end of what appears to be random, unplanned convergence of fishy odors in our household.

It began with the aforementioned sardine snacks and subsequent sardine juice spillage. That was scrubbed and cleansed – repeatedly.

I thought the problem was solved. Then I pet the cat. Fishy. I was talking to the dog. He smelled fishy (and his conversational skills were lacking.)

Turns out CP was giving the animals some sort of awful fish oil supplement to help their fur coats.

We had a talk. Fish oil supplements are now discontinued. But the smell lingered. Then it went away.

I opened the microwave to heat a slice of pizza and smelled an overwhelming fishy smell. It was back! But how?

I looked inside. There, in the corner of the microwave, was a lone scallop. A couple days before I made “Scallops Florentine.” When reheating leftovers, a single scallop apparently climbed out of the dish and jumped to his death. His carcass was removed and the microwave was scrubbed clean.

I thought it was over, but today the sink smelled like fish. Why?

I washed and scrubbed the pile of dishes. The smell was gone. Perhaps something was in the dirty dishes that was contaminated.

As of this evening, no fish smells.

Except... I made the mistake of ordering something called an “Ahi Burger” from one of the businesses I trade with. This was one of two meals I ordered “to go” tonight. The other meal, a prime rib, is great. The Ahi Burger is just too fishy for my tastes. So it’s sitting in the fridge – which now smells a little fishy....


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