Saturday, February 11, 2006

• A Coast Guard helicopter crashed this afternoon while attempting to rescue some people from a capsized boat this afternoon near Samoa. My heart sunk when I heard this on the police scanner. I have a lot of respect for the Coasties and, exactly a week ago, I watched them rescue someone who got caught in the surf in McKinleyville. They’re strangers to me, but I have some emotional attachment to them – at least more than I do for the average stranger. The good news is that the Coasties are fine. The bad news is that two people who fell out of the boat died. That raises a fundamental question – were they wearing lifejackets?
• We graveled the road today. (Is gravel a verb? If not, I just made it one.) That may not qualify as interesting news, but tell that to those of us who have to drive on Anderson Ave. everday.
• I would kill to skate on the Olympic speed skating rink. If I was Larry Elison, that’s what I would spend my money on.


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